Cinescape Review: Alien: Covenant

The aftermath of Prometheus takes too heavy a toll on the purity of the perfect organism.

Cinescape Review: GOTG Vol. 2

More quips, tunes and galactic antics deliver a worthy sequel to Marvel's most unorthodox heroes.

Cinescape Review: Free Fire

A darkly funny tribute to old school action and one that deserves your attention.

Cinescape Review: Kong: Skull Island

Is it all hail to the king in Warner Brothers' latest entry into the MonsterVerse?

Cinescape Review: Logan

Does Hugh Jackman's Wolverine swansong deliver what we've always wanted?

Cinescape Review: Moonlight

Sure to divide opinion, Moonlight has an important message for those willing to listen.

Where did all the happy endings go?

Why La La Land is the musical we deserve, but not the one we need right now.

Cinescape Review: A Monster Calls

A heartfelt tale of tragedy and acceptance, J.A. Bayona's latest is one not to miss.

Cinescape Review: Assassin’s Creed

Nothing is true, except that game adaptations aren't great, can Assassin's Creed break that trend?

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